Our story

Hi, I am Dr. Saurabh Lodha, the founder of PURA Skincare and the leading Physician at PURA Dermatology in NYC.

PURA Skincare was established with the vision to create the best brand of Personalized Clinical-grade skincare on the market. We wanted to tailor our regimens to the needs of the most active and demanding lifestyles, while being sustainable and caring towards our environment – and we have done just that.

After successfully treating thousands of patients at PURA Dermatology in Manhattan, I noticed a pattern emerge. Patients were going through frustrating cycles of ‘trial and error skincare’, spending large sums of money on off-the-shelf products, and piecing together regimens that did not deliver their desired results. This is why we took on the task of developing complete personalized skincare routines for the unique needs of each of our patients using only the most advanced, science-backed formulations to deliver real results (none of that ‘Salts from the Himalaya’ or ‘Virgin Muds from the Rainforest’ stuff).

Now these potent routines are available to people around the world.

By getting our patients
to understand…

…they are able to make better choices and radically change the way their skin looks and feels, for good.

Founded and developed in NYC, where patients work long hours, have demanding schedules, and are constantly on the go, PURA has developed the best ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to take the guesswork out of skincare and help patients keep up with their active lifestyles.

It is part of our mission to remain sustainable and create a positive impact on the environment. All of our Sunscreens are zinc oxide based and ‘non-nano.’ Regular sunscreens are chemical based and damage delicate coral reefs and ecosystems around the world. We partnered with the Coral Reef Alliance™, one of the leading US based organizations in marine conservation, to support their continuous efforts to save the world’s coral reefs by committing a % of every purchase you make at PURA.

Welcome to your best skin...

Welcome to a Pura way of life.

Welcome to your best skin...

Welcome to a Pura way of life.

Pura Dermatology

Saurabh Lodha, MD FAAD

Diplomat of the American Academy
of Dermatology

Clinical Instructor Columbia University
Department of Dermatology